Pokémon GO association to be set up in Taiwan’s Penghu to boost tourism

Outlying islands of Penghu boast some of the highest densities of Pokéstops and gyms in Taiwan

Pokémon GO trainers in Penghu.

Pokémon GO trainers in Penghu. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The outlying islands of Penghu will see the establishment of a Pokémon GO association that is set to lure more visitors to the already popular Taiwanese tourist destination.

A Pokémon GO association will be founded in Penghu County on Dec. 7 to help drive local tourism, said Chen Bi-fu (陳必福), a Taiwanese player of the mobile game who is spearheading the project. The association will hold events seeking to attract trainers from different parts of the country, reported CNA.

According to Chen, the largest island of Penghu alone has five Pokémon GO groups, comprising up to 500 members each. Trainers come out in throngs to participate in almost every hunting event, bearing testimony to the popularity of the game in the municipality.

The craze for the augmented reality game in Penghu can also be attributed to the high density of Pokéstops (where players can restock on supplies) or gyms (where battles against other trainers take place), Chen added. In light of this, he decided to join several dozen players in launching the association to further promote Penghu as a tourist magnet, wrote CNA.

Released in 2016, the game's popularity has not faded in Taiwan. In October, a four-day Pokémon GO Safari Zone event in New Taipei City drew a staggering 890,000 trainers, and local businesses raked in an estimated NT$2 billion (US$65.5 million) in revenues.