Taiwan's smart motorcycle helmet invention prevents DUI

Taipei City University of Science and Technology invention recognized at Seoul International Invention Fair

TPCU Smart Motorcycle Helmet

TPCU Smart Motorcycle Helmet (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The "Bluetooth Alcohol Detection Smart Motorcycle Helmet" designed by Taipei City University of Science and Technology (TPCU) has been recognized as best invention at the Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) 2019.

Event organizers confirmed on Saturday (Nov. 30) evening that TPCU had won four gold medals, three silvers, three bronzes, and four special prizes. The Information Engineering department's helmet invention was awarded a gold medal and a special prize.

The smart motorcycle helmet inventors are students Tang Yuan Ci (湯元麒), Gao Li Yu (高立瑜), and advising professor Chang Hsien-Chung (張獻中). The team said the inspiration behind the idea was the number of driving under the influence (DUI) accidents in Taiwan, and wanting to prevent more deaths, reported CNA.

The helmet uses Bluetooth headphones as a source of electricity, with a breathalyzer installed to estimate the blood alcohol content of the rider. After the motorcyclist puts on the smart helmet the system automatically detects the blood alcohol level and prevents the vehicle from starting if the result is positive.

Other inventions from TPCU that received recognition for their creativity and practicality included a safety protection device that can detect the motorcycle's center of gravity, and clothes hangers with preprogrammed drying and sterilization programs. The Taiwan delegation had the highest overall score at the exhibition, with a total of 129 awards, reported Youth Daily News.

TPCU showcases its inventions at SIIF 2019 (TPCU photo)