EU representative deems Taiwan indispensable partner

New Head of Economic and Trade Office Filip Grzegorzewski vows to improve Taiwan-Europe relations

Head of EU Mission in Taiwan Filip Grzegorzewski

Head of EU Mission in Taiwan Filip Grzegorzewski (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Filip Grzegorzewski, the new head of the Economic and Trade Office (EETO) in Taiwan, said Taiwan plays a critical role in the global community and should not be neglected.

Grzegorzewski, 43, took office in September after being a long-time diplomat in the European Union (EU) and Polish diplomatic service. He is known to specialize in Asian affairs, including cross-strait relations, and can speak Mandarin fluently.

The EU representative listed three primary goals that he wanted to achieve over the next four years, including: boosting investment by Taiwan enterprises in Europe, increasing EU's visibility in Taiwan, and strengthening connections between the East Asian country and Europe.

Grzegorzewski pointed out that 31 percent of Taiwan's foreign direct investment (FDI) originates from Europe. However, Taiwan only directed 3 percent of its investments into the European market.

Grzegorzewski also commented on the possible signing of a bilateral investment agreement (BIA), saying the process should not take long based on the sturdy friendship between the two. He added the pact would serve as a catalyst for mutual trust, reported CNA.

Regarding the Chinese government's political influence over Taiwan, Grzegorzewski said that Taiwan should participate in international organizations and the EU would generate ways for Taiwan's inclusion. The diplomat also stated that the country's democracy is invaluable and serves as a great example for political leaders around the world.

Filip Grzegorzewski (CNA photo)