Taipei District Prosecutors Office publishes English book on its history

Publication includes prosecutor's recollection of biggest military scandal in Taiwanese history

Taipei District Prosecutor's Office releases English-language book. (TDPO photo)

Taipei District Prosecutor's Office releases English-language book. (TDPO photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taipei District Prosecutors Office (TDPO) released an English publication titled "Arrival of Taipei District Prosecutors Office" (台北法鑑—皇華台北 鑠法薪傳) on Thursday (Nov. 28) to share the history of the law enforcement agency with local and international readers.

TDPO Chief Prosecutor Hsing Tai-chao (邢泰釗) pointed out that the book is a translation of its Chinese counterpart, which was published in March. However, the English edition includes new chapters on how advanced technology facilitates case-solving as well as on the experiences of prosecutors in the capital.

Liu Yi-ting (劉怡婷), who led the prosecution of the famous Lafayette frigate scandal, shared his recollections of the case in the historical compilation, reported ETtoday. Liu told the press that during a trip to Switzerland for the purpose of mutual legal assistance in 2017, she spent an entire five-hour train ride discussing the case with her co-workers.

Hsing said the book would give other countries a glimpse into Taiwan's judicial system and provide a comparison between the country's previous and current legal environments. The 900-page publication also covers the notorious "First Commercial Bank ATM heist," which was a testament to the efficiency of the Taiwanese legal system, reported UDN.

Updated : 2021-01-25 16:24 GMT+08:00