Taipei 228 Museum named as cultural asset

Location of Taiwan’s first radio broadcast station in nation's capital also listed as heritage site

National 228 Memorial Museum listed as heritage site (Wikimedia photo)

National 228 Memorial Museum listed as heritage site (Wikimedia photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The National 228 Memorial Museum and Taiwan's first radio broadcast station, "Taiwan Hōsō Kyōkai" (THK), were named as cultural assets in Taipei by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage on Monday (Nov. 25).

Located on Ketagalan Boulevard, 228 Memorial Museum was established in 1931 and designed by Japanese architect Kuriyama Shunichi (栗山俊一). The structure of the building has a blend of Spanish tiles and East Asian crow-stepped gables.

The Department of Cultural Affairs said the building was not listed as a cultural heritage site because it was being utilized as a museum, so there was less urgency protecting the building. It will continue to serve as a museum, but will require the approval of legislators when there is a need for repairs, reported Liberty Times.

In addition to the THK building, Beitou Park and Beitou Children's Playground were also recognized as city heritage sites on Monday. Established in 1913, the Beitou Children's Playground was adjacent to the former Beitou Hot Springs Public Baths House, now known as the Beitou Hot Springs Museum, reported UDN.

Taiwan Hōsō Kyōkai during the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945). (228 Museum photo)

Beitou Children's Playground (Beitou Storyteller Facebook photo)