Data of 8 Taiwanese activists leaked by China-backed Russian website

HK Leaks was said to have collected personal details of more than 500 people

(Screenshot image of the website HK Leaks)

(Screenshot image of the website HK Leaks)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- At least eight Taiwanese seen as advocating Hong Kong's democracy found their personal details posted online by HK Leaks and some of them have received death threats from different email accounts after the exposure.

The Taiwanese victims include the island's pro-independence Taiwan Statebuilding Party Chairman Chen Yi-chi (陳奕齊), Citizen Front Taiwan co-founder Chiang Min-yen (江明諺), Taiwan Association for Human Rights secretary-general Chiu E-ling (邱伊翎), and News Eye founder Nancy Tao. The website disclosed their pictures, birthdates, occupations, emails, phone numbers, or passport numbers. They are tagged as "thugs" in their profiles on the website.

In October, personal information of more than one hundred Hong Kong's pro-democracy activists was published on HK Leaks. Revealing personal data is considered illegal in Hong Kong.

Media reported that the website uses Russia-based servers to dodge accountability for the misconduct and was believed to be built by groups linked to China's Communist Party. The illegal site was said to have collected personal details of more than 500 people.