Photo of the Day: Typical Taiwan morning commute

Bored Taiwanese office lady waiting on her scooter during morning rush hour

(Illustration by Skyfire)

(Illustration by Skyfire)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An illustration of a female Taiwanese office worker looking bored as she sits on her scooter at a red light quickly went viral on social media over the weekend after being uploaded on Friday (Nov. 22).

On Friday, a 39-year-old Taiwanese illustrator who goes by the handle Skyfire (天之火) uploaded this scene of a woman sitting idly on a scooter at a traffic light during the busy morning commute in a typical Taiwanese city. In a post on Facebook, Skyfire wrote, "Boring time. Is 80 seconds long or short?" while on Instagram, the artist included the hashtag "#taiwanofficelady."

That same day, the illustration was shared on the social media site Reddit, where it received 5,700 upvotes and 72 comments. The Facebook post received 8,400 likes and over 200 comments:

"Putting their feet on the sidewalk is so realistic."

"The guy with the full face motorcycle helmet is definitely checking [her out with] the side view mirror."

"The tactile pavement for the blind running straight into a transformer box is super realistic."

When asked what the inspiration behind the piece was, Skyfire told Taiwan News:

"Many office workers in Taiwan ride scooters to work. When they encounter a red light for 80 seconds, there's nothing they can do. It is boring. But sometimes, they see beautiful or wonderful things that make that 80 seconds pass by quickly."

This illustration highlights the fact that more than half of Taiwan's 23 million citizens own a scooter, amounting to 13.66 million scooters in 2016, according to official government data. Fortunately, there has been an increase in the sale of electric scooters, with 231,000 having been sold in Taiwan as of November 2019.

Early rough sketch. (Illustration by Skyfire)

Final colored illustration. (Illustration by Skyfire)