TRA train collides with car in central Taiwan

Level crossing malfunction triggers accident, TRA apologizes for accusing woman of breaking law

TRA train collides with silver sedan, Nov. 22.

TRA train collides with silver sedan, Nov. 22. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) train collided with a small silver sedan in Taichung City Friday evening (Nov. 22), and while the TRA claimed that the driver had caused the accident by ignoring traffic regulations, dash cam footage suggests otherwise.

The accident occurred at a level crossing between Xinwuri and Chenggong TRA stations in Taichung. Moments after the collision, the TRA published a post on its official Facebook page and accused the woman, surnamed Lin (林), of running a traffic light, leading thousands of web users to bash Lin for her misbehavior.

Dash cam footage released Sunday (Nov. 24) showed the 45-year-old Lin, who is a volunteer for the Taichung Fire Department, stopping her car in front of the railway barriers upon seeing the warning signal. The signal eventually stopped, and the barriers were raised to allow the car to pass through, but as soon as Lin began drove her vehicle forward, a train roared by, striking the car directly in the rear, reported Liberty Times.

The TRA issued an apology Sunday morning, pointing out that the safety equipment at the railway crossing had experienced a malfunction and that the organization would provide financial full compensation to Lin for her medical expenses. Lin's associates have condemned the TRA for its false accusation and abusive comments from the Taiwanese netizens.