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Taiwan and Thailand ink deal on agricultural cooperation

Taiwan will provide technical assistance in hopes of exporting seeds to Thailand

Taiwan and Thailand sign deal on agricultural cooperation. (Image from Taiwan's representative office to Thailand)

Taiwan and Thailand sign deal on agricultural cooperation. (Image from Taiwan's representative office to Thailand)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese university inked a cooperative deal with a Thai farm located near Bangkok on Sunday (Nov. 24), turning a new page for agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

For the initial phase of this cooperation, National Chung Hsing University’s Global Research & Industry Alliance (GRIA) will provide Faprathan Farm with technical assistance on sowing. If the efforts yield good results, the university will then export seeds from Taiwan to the farm.

Chang Yu-tai (張佑泰), general manager of Faprathan Farm’s parent firm, A-Best, said the farm would focus on tomatoes and vegetables for the time being. The GRIA will help the farm look for varieties most suitable for Thai soil.

If the initial cooperation proves successful, the market for Taiwanese seeds will then expand in Thailand through the farm, said Chang. He added that such cooperation will help elevate both the quality of varieties and sowing techniques in the Southeast Asian nation.

GRIA head Hsu Hsin-hung (徐新宏) said Taiwan’s vegetables and fruits are recognized around the world and that after visiting Faprathan Farm, he believes there is a niche for Taiwanese seed exports in Thailand. He described Taiwan’s tomatoes as being sweeter than their Thai counterparts and being more resistant to heat and disease.

The agreement was signed after six months of negotiations between Taiwan and Thailand. An official from the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute under the Council of Agriculture has also provided some insights into how to improve the cultivation environment, increase diversity, and ameliorate the quality of plants after taking a trip to Faprathan Farm in May.

Currently, governmental collaborations are more difficult, said Tung Chen-yuan (童振源), Taiwan’s representative to Thailand. The agreement laid out the foundation for cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand through the private sector, he said, adding that he looked forward to seeing more agricultural exchanges between the two countries.

Updated : 2021-11-28 02:18 GMT+08:00