China scraps over 3,000 songs by HK lyricist Albert Leung for his speech in Taiwan: report

The popular Hong Kong songwriter and Taiwanese rock band Fire Ex. have collaborated on a song to support the Hong Kong protesters

Hong Kong lyricist Albert Leung spoke in Taipei on Nov. 17, 2019.

Hong Kong lyricist Albert Leung spoke in Taipei on Nov. 17, 2019. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After visiting Taiwan to take part in the debut of a new song that he wrote for Taiwanese rock band Fire Ex. (滅火器) to support Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters, various media reported that over 3,000 songs written by popular lyricist Albert Leung (林夕) have been taken down from online Chinese music stores.

Released on Nov. 15 on YouTube, the Chinese song, with the English title "A City of Sadness," wants to show that the situation in Hong Kong today resembles what Taiwan went through 70 years ago when the large-scale repression of a Taiwanese uprising by the Kuomintang government took place, causing thousands of deaths.

On Nov. 17, Leung participated in a music concert held in Taipei to voice support for Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, saying many gestures could be considered a crime in Hong Kong today, such as wearing a mask, wearing black, buying a basket of eggs, and shouting "Let's Go Hong Kong (香港加油)."

The songwriter also noted that "One Country, Two Systems" no longer exists, and Hong Kong retains only part of the system that used to work.

In 2014, Leung also wrote a song for activists in the Umbrella Movement.

Hong Kong entertainment media on Nov. 21 showed a screenshot image of a Chinese netizen identified as Nick, who wrote that he was informed to remove songs written by Leung and even scrap his name from the stores.

The report said the songwriter could be the Hong Kong artist with the highest number of works being taken down in China. The other Hong Kong artists banned in China include RubberBand, C AllStar, Deanie Ip and Shirley Kwan. Some of them are banned for voicing support for Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement.

The Taiwan News reporter tried to search some of the most popular songs written by Leung on different online Chinese music stores, but couldn't find any in Kugou. However, they are still available on another China-based online music store Xiami Music at the time of publication.

Leung is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong and started his songwriting career in the mid-1980s. He has produced over 3,500 songs as of 2019. He also wrote a song for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.