US mayor announces Nov 20 as 'Taiwan Day'

City mayor in Florida celebrates 8th anniversary of becoming sister cities with Xizhi District, New Taipei

Doral city establishes Nov. 20 as 'Taiwan Day.'

Doral city establishes Nov. 20 as 'Taiwan Day.' (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Doral, a city in the U.S. state of Florida, has established Nov. 20 every year as "Taiwan Day in Doral," to celebrate its friendship with Xizhi District in New Taipei.

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami (TECO-Miami) held a celebration ceremony at Miami City Hall on Wednesday (Nov. 20) to recognize the 8th anniversary of Doral becoming sister cities with Xizhi District. Among the attendees were Doral City Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez, city councilors Digna Cabral and Claudia Mariaca, and other officials.

During his speech, Bermudez expressed gratitude to TECO-Miami for its long-time outreach work and praised Taiwan for being a democratic country. He pointed out that Taiwanese businessmen have created countless job opportunities in Doral, reported UDN.

Bermudez said he and his team respected Xizhi tremendously and would love to visit Taiwan some day. At the end of his address, Bermudez issued a certificate of merit to TECO-Miami and announced the official launch of "Taiwan Day in Doral."

TECO-Miami Director David Chien (錢冠州) said Doral has become the most popular investment spot in Florida for Taiwan enterprises. He said that Taiwan and the U.S. share many common values, such as freedom, human rights, and democracy, and that he expects the friendship between both countries to continue to blossom, reported CNA.

Updated : 2021-01-21 16:15 GMT+08:00