Petition to revoke British citizenship from Carrie Lam's family reaches 260,000 signatures

Petition to revoke British citizenship from family of Hong Kong head Carrie Lam receives more than double number of signatures required

(Screenshot of petition)

(Screenshot of petition)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A petition calling for the UK Home Office to revoke British citizenship from Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam's (林鄭月娥) family members has reached over 260,000 signatures, far surpassing the threshold to require an official response by the British government.

In response to a ban on face masks implemented by Lam in October, a British citizen named Deeran Kumar created a petition on to call for the revocation of her husband and sons' British citizenship.

Lam, her husband, and her two sons all received British citizenship through the British Nationality Selection Scheme before the UK's handover of Hong Kong to Communist China. However, Lam renounced her citizenship in 2007 to take her post as secretary of development in the Hong Kong government.

Kumar asserted in his petition that the face mask ban showed that "the rule of law is dead" in the city and that its leaders are no longer beholden it. He wrote that Lam is "denying her administration's accountability and enforcing draconian law."

Kumar expressed his wish that the violence be curbed in Hong Kong and stated that the UK government has the "moral responsibility" to do so. He then concluded that the UK should send a strong signal to the Hong Kong government by revoking the citizenship of Lam's husband, Lam Siu-por, and her sons Jit-si and Yeuk-hei.

According to British law, if the number of signatures on a private petition exceeds 100,000, the British government must provide a formal response to the public and discuss the matter in Parliament. Presently, the petition has reached 263,000 signatures, far beyond the minimum threshold.

Those who have signed the petition expressed their disapproval of Lam's handling of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and her policies, which are in lockstep with the Chinese Communist Party:

"Carrie Lam and her family should stay in China since they are following 100% of the Chinese communist party."

"Carrie Lam is happy to work with totalitarianism. The value is totally different to UK."

"Carrie Lam is a criminal in HK history. She single-handedly destroyed the one country two systems. She allowed HK police to call citizens cockroaches and let police arrest people without showing their police license! She must be punished and she needs to know her actions have consequences."

On Oct. 5, Lam announced the Prohibition On Face Covering Regulation, which was derived from the colonial era Emergency Regulations Ordinance. The next day, thousands of Hong Kong citizens wearing a huge variety of masks took to the streets to protest the ban.

Despite multiple arrests for violating the anti-mask law, protesters continued to take to the streets with all manner of masks in the subsequent month and a half after the ban went into effect. On Nov. 18, Hong Kong's High court ruled that the ban was "incompatible with the Basic Law," the mini-constitution that has been in place since Hong Kong's handover to China in 1997, reported the South China Morning Post.

Those interested in signing the petition can do so by visiting its official page on the website.