Taiwan convenience store trials veggie burger patties

FamilyMart is following vegetarian trend and testing potential of Taiwan's market

(Pexels/Valeria Boltneva photo)

(Pexels/Valeria Boltneva photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)-Veggie patties from Beyond Meat started selling on Wednesday (Nov. 20) at FamilyMart, according to CNA.

Veggie burgers and other vegan foods have been largely unsuccessful in the fast food industry to date. Beyond Meat is one of the companies that have saved plant-based food items from completely failing, said Business Insider.

Beyond Meat started collaborating this year with Burger King and KFC to provide plant-based burger patties and chicken nuggets. MOS Burger and TGI Fridays have also started selling veggie burgers in Taiwan, reported CNA.

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burgers are made of non-GMO peas and beetroot and have two times more iron than regular beef. FamilyMart said, according to CNA, they will see how well the product sells before deciding if it stays on shelves in the long term.