US, Japan, EU watch Taiwan presidential election as voters face ‘5 nuisances’

Taiwanese voters are torn between ‘5 nuisances’



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In the 2020 elections, the people of Taiwan will choose their president, vice president, and legislators — in other words, the politicians who will manage important national affairs in the country.

Taiwan has been facing the strongest international pressure in its recent history, while the domestic political, economic, and social environments are also facing a critical situation.

A general observation is that Taiwan’s voters are being torn between the so-called “five nuisances” in this election.

The so-called 5 nuisances are China, Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜), Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), the Kuomintang (KMT) party, and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Why are Taiwanese vexed by China? Taiwanese live in a democratic society and enjoy freedom of speech. Like the air itself, freedom forms an essential part of the Taiwanese way of life. China’s recent behavior, such as taking away Taiwan’s diplomatic allies and speeding up its plans to annex the island, amounts to taking away the only bastion of freedom and democracy in the ethnic Chinese world.

Why does Han Kuo-yu provoke a strong negative response from people? Since he became mayor of Kaohsiung, several of his question-and-answer sessions at the city council lacked focus, and word about his behavior has spread throughout the Internet.

Not only does Han fail to act or lead as a leader of local government, but he also loves to give empty speeches, make big promises, and sow discord between people. It is possible to gauge from TV, the Internet, and other media that neutral voters and young people loathe Han Kuo-yu.

Why does Tsai Ing-wen provoke loathing in people? Over the past four years, she has ruled with an absolute majority in the legislature, but she has failed to put her election promises into practice. She even caused a schism among those who shed blood and sweat to promote Taiwanese identity, leading to stagnation in the fields of technological advancement and democratic progress.

Why has the KMT brought people grief? The party is still living in the spirit of the White Terror era. After losing in China, it had only Taiwan on which to survive

However, the party still hasn’t adopted a “Taiwan First” mindset but is mired in the red influence and pro-unification sentiments. Power and resources within the KMT are still only shared by a narrow elite, neglecting the powerless young.

Why has the DPP put people off? “Maintaining the existing situation” has become the party’s core value, with the forced separation of referendums from elections and the slogan “We love Taiwan.”

DPP politics have disappointed the public, and within the party, it is the factions that are setting the tone. With those factions leading the party and country and losing sight of the democratic values won with the sacrifices of their predecessors, with the DPP is gradually turning into a deformed party.

Just 50 days from the elections, we have not seen the candidates propose and debate systematic policies and plans for government, but only ideology, misleading words, and divisive quarreling. The situation is hopeless. In the 2020 elections, will Taiwanese voters only be able to choose between the “5 nuisances?”