Taiwan bookstore Eslite releases 2019 bestseller list

Self-help books are the most popular genre, with talk show host Kevin Tsai top of the list

(CNA photo)

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The top 10 bestsellers at Eslite bookstore for 2019 were announced on Tuesday (Nov. 19), with self-help books among the most popular.

It is evident, according to Eslite, that people are hoping to empower themselves by reading, reported CNA. The Eslite top 10 list was collated from data gathered from Nov. 1, 2018 to Oct. 31, 2019.

The number one bestseller was Taiwan talk show host Kevin Tsai’s (蔡康永) “The Emotional Quotient Lesson of Kevin Tsai: Live for Yourself for One Time.” Li Chin’s (李勁) “Poor Self-expression is a Weakness of 99% of People 2” (99%的人輸在不會表達2) ranked second.

Ranked 10th was Taiwanese internet celebrity Ken Chung’s (鍾明軒) “I Decide Who I Am: In a Life Full of Negativity, I Do Not live on Someone Else’s Terms” (我決定我是誰). This details his struggles with being bullied for his gender expression and eventually learning to overcome the challenges.

Carol Bolt’s “The Book of Answers,” a field guide to Pokemon; Peter Su’s, “Accompaniment is the Most Luxurious Present in the World” (陪伴,是世上最奢侈的禮物); the queen of romantic suspense Tess Gerritsen’s, “The Apprentice;” Higashino Keigo’s masterpiece of mystery, “The Murder Scene in the Air;” Michelle Obama’s “Becoming;” Wang Yun’s (王薀) “Post Meditation (靜坐之後),” are the books ranked from third to ninth.