Google allows Taiwan 2020 election candidates on YouTube

Ban on Google ads during campaign will be evaluated after presidential election

Google official Anita Chen.

Google official Anita Chen. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — While Google is refusing to accept advertising from candidates in the January 11, 2020 elections, videos featuring the politicians on its YouTube site are still allowed, reports said Wednesday (Nov. 20).

Netizens alleged the appearance of the candidates on YouTube amounted to a loophole in Google’s policies. However, the company said the videos were a form of content creation which would keep being allowed, according to CNA.

Earlier, Google announced that from Nov. 15 until Jan. 17, ads featuring political parties, presidential, vice presidential and legislative candidates from Taiwan would be banned on its websites.

Any YouTuber could still post a video with an election candidate, since this amounted to content creation, and a transaction between the YouTuber and the candidate, the Google manager in charge of political-related matters, Anita Chen (陳幼臻), told reporters Wednesday.

The journalists pointed out that Google’s ban on election ads varied from country to country. Chen replied that cultures differed and that an evaluation would be made before the election after 2020 to determine whether the ban would be a long-term policy for Taiwan.