Foxconn teaches US managers Chinese in Taiwan

Apple supplier training 26 US recruits in AI, quality management, Chinese language

U.S. managers undergoing AI training in Taiwan. (Foxconn Technology photo)

U.S. managers undergoing AI training in Taiwan. (Foxconn Technology photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As a major plant construction project in Wisconsin has been completed, 26 newly recruited managers from the United States have been with Foxconn Technology Group in Taiwan undergoing training, including Chinese language lessons.

Work recently finished on the roof of a key plant belonging to the Foxconn's Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park, CNA reported Tuesday (Nov. 19).

A total of 26 managers from the U.S. destined to work at the site are undergoing 2,000 hours of training in subjects ranging from artificial intelligence and quality management to factory manufacturing and green products, the company said.

Their curriculum also includes one hour of Chinese language per day in the hope that will enable them to communicate with their Taiwanese colleagues in two languages.

The company’s “Foxconn Future Leaders Program” has been visiting campuses to recruit high-tech talent, with Purdue, Northwestern, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin Universities having already supplied talent.

The electronics giant recently said the finished plant was built using 8,000 tons of steel and occupies an area of 1 million square feet, as large as 13 American football fields.

Updated : 2021-01-17 08:51 GMT+08:00