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Taiwanese pop stars stand up for Hong Kong

They sing ‘Good night! Formosa!’ and ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ as tributes to brave souls fighting for democracy in HK

"Free Hong Kong" concert at Liberty Square. (CNA photo)

"Free Hong Kong" concert at Liberty Square. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The "Free Hong Kong" solidarity concert at Liberty Square in front of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall on Sunday (Nov. 17) evening saw Taiwanese bands and the audience voicing their strong and loud support for Hong Kong's protesters.

The concert, organized by the Defend Democracy Safeguard Taiwan Alliance, attracted thousands of Taiwanese dressed in black and holding large pro-Hong Kong banners the event organizers had distributed. Paper fans were also handed out to concert goers with the lyrics of the "Glory to Hong Kong" protest anthem printed on the back, reported UDN.

The "Free Hong Kong" concert featured seven Taiwan bands, including Fire Extinguisher (Fire Ex.), Pigheadskin Music, Dwagie, and The Chairman. Upon taking the stage, Fire Ex. lead singer Sam Yang (楊大正) said the concert was dedicated to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and "all the brave souls" around the world.

During the performance of "Island's Sunrise," a song Fire Ex. created for Taiwan's Sunflower Student Movement in 2014, Yang said it was unimaginable that a peaceful anti-extradition protest in March would escalate into the chaos of today. He then asked concert attendees to pray for the safety of Hong Kong's people, reported CNA.

Lin Xi (林夕), an award-winning Hong Kong lyricist, also made a surprise appearance, along with Hong Kong students living in Taiwan. Lin Xi said the situation in Hong Kong continued to worsen, and it is important for Taiwanese to remember that freedom has a price.

As the sky darkened and the concert came to a close, the crowd sang "Good night! Formosa!" and a version of "Glory to Hong Kong," in Taiwanese. A limited-edition album titled, "Stand with HK," which included all the songs at Sunday's concert, was sold at the event, with all proceeds going to the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund in Hong Kong.

Taiwanese pop stars stand up for Hong Kong
Supporters of Hong Kong gather for the concert. (CNA photo)

Taiwanese pop stars stand up for Hong Kong
The Chairman performs "Good Night! Formosa!" (CNA photo)