Taiwan supermodel Lin Chi-ling ties knot in Tainan

Supermodel described her husband as 'enthusiastic, hard-working, pleasant, kind'

(CNA photo)

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) tied the knot with Japanese boy band member Akira at a wedding held in the island nation’s southwestern city of Tainan on Sunday (Nov. 17), ceremoniously ending her single status, which had been a subject of interest for fans and the media for years, according to a CNA report.

Born on Nov. 29, 1974, Lin, who made a splash in the modeling industry with her tall, slender stature, charming looks, and sweet voice, has been dubbed “Taiwan's number one supermodel.”

Lin, 44, began to make inroads into the movie industry in 2008 when she played a role in the movie “Red Cliff.” Since then, she has starred in several films, including “Red Cliff Part II,” “Say Yes,” and “The Monkey King 3.” She also worked with Japanese actor Takuya Kimura on the Japanese TV drama “Moon Lovers,” which was first broadcast in 2010.

The supermodel is also a philanthropist and has devoted herself to charity work over the years. She established the Chiling Charity Foundation in 2011 to help children and young people realize their dreams.

However, Lin’s love life had been filled with rumors of puzzling relationships that didn’t go anywhere until she struck up a romance with Akira in 2018, CNA reported. Akira, who is seven years younger than his wife, met Lin in 2011 when they worked together on a stage play, according to CNA.

The couple announced their marriage on June 6 of this year, which came as a surprise to the entertainment circle and her fans.

In her marriage announcement, Lin wrote, “Some people said, ‘Love is a split-second gift.' I think it takes courage, tolerance, unselfishness, compromises, and naivety to turn the split second into a lifetime of company.”

The supermodel described her husband as “enthusiastic, hard-working, pleasant, and kind,” and her father, Lin Fan-nan (林繁男), praised his son-in-law for his tall stature and having a modest manner and good personality, the news outlet reported.

In Akira’s eyes, Lin Chi-ling is full of merits. He said during Sunday’s wedding that given the fact that the world has a population of several billion, being able to meet and marry her is the arrangement of fate. Akira's words drove his wife to tears.

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Lin Chi-ling's hand-written marriage announcement (photo from tw.weibo.com/linzhilingblog)