Taiwan's 'Crane King' gives tips on keeping 4 'wives' happy

Taiwan's 'Crane King' gives advice on maintaining marital bliss with 4 'wives'

Hu and his "wives." (Photos from 胡漢龑 Facebook page)

Hu and his "wives." (Photos from 胡漢龑 Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese tycoon raised eyebrows this week for showing off his palatial estate and bragging about his four "wives."

Hu Han-feng (胡漢龑), the chairman of Chideh Machinery Hoisting Co., Ltd, (啟德機械起重工程), is known as the "Crane King of Zhubei," the city in Hsinchu County where he is based. In October, he made headlines for delivering cranes that helped dismantle the ill-fated Nanfang'ao Bridge.

Hu made the news this week when he revealed that he has four "wives," 14 children, and 16 "intimate female friends," reported EBC. The 57-year-old crane mogul claims that the secret to keeping four "wives" happy is "fairness."

Hu's cranes at scene of bridge collapse. (Photo from 胡漢龑 Facebook page)

As bigamy is technically illegal in Taiwan, Hu is likely only legally married to one of his supposed spouses. According to Want Weekly, Hu spent NT$400 million (US$13 million) to build an eight-story mansion for his wife, mistresses, and children. The exterior of the opulent estate is made to look like a European palace and is surrounded by cherry trees.

The interior of the vast mansion covers about 200 ping (one ping equals 3.3 square meters), reported EBC. Hu claims he keeps each "wife" happy by granting each their own floor in the manor and allowing them to decorate their section as they please.

Hu has even set up a "blissful bath hall" on the humongous house's eighth floor, complete with four transparent shower stalls. Hu brags that he sometimes bathes together with his wives to "maintain affection" with them.

Hu's palatial mansion. (Photo from 胡漢龑 Facebook page)

Despite the presence of many "wives," Hu claims his abode is free of "palace infighting drama" because "I treat my four wives equally." He claims his "spouses" often drink tea and play cards together.

According to CTWant, Hu says that despite his personal and professional success, he is still afraid of rejection by would-be lovers. He says that when he takes interest in a woman, he will break the ice by saying, "Would you like to be my wife?" and "Life is hard. Let me take care of you."

Lavish interior of Hu's mansion. (Photo from 胡漢龑 Facebook page)

Hu posing with prized gold eagle sculpture. (Photo from 胡漢龑 Facebook page)

Hu posing with "wives." (Photo from 胡漢龑 Facebook page)