Taiwan's Starlux Airlines unveils animated safety video

Newest Taiwanese airline invested NT$30 million in creating ‘StarWonderers’ instructional video

StarLux Airlines launches animated safety video. (StarLux photo)

StarLux Airlines launches animated safety video. (StarLux photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The newest Taiwanese carrier, StarLux Airlines, released its "StarWonderers" 3D animated safety video on Friday (Nov. 15) to educate passengers about in-flight emergencies and appropriate procedures to take.

StarLux Airlines is expected to take flight in early 2020, and the company invested two years and NT$30 million in the creation of its highly anticipated safety video. Designed by Daikido Idea Collective, the 4 minute and 40 second-long animation saw more than 100 professionals from Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong participate in its production, reported ETtoday.

The video opens at an international airport abundant with alien travelers from various planets, including a one-eyed family, a backpacker who looks like an actual backpack, and a chameleon who becomes invisible now and then. After boarding the StarLux aircraft, the aliens encounter different problems before the human crew members come to their assistance.

StarLux safety video features alien travelers. (CNA photo)

StarLux President Glenn Chai (翟健華) said that in-flight instruction videos contain information vital to passengers' safety and survival but are often presented in a dull and systematic manner and fail to draw their audience's interest. Chai said that StarLux Airlines decided to add humorous and innovative elements to its safety video to keep viewers engaged, reported Liberty Times.

Chai added that a successful safety instruction clip should leave a lasting impression on passengers so they can react instinctively when emergencies arise. Daikido Idea Collective President Zhuang Xi-shan (莊禧善) said that the video enables passengers to project themselves onto the aliens and that the "Star Wonderers" will continue to be ambassadors and mascots of the StarLux Airlines, reported CNA.

The full video can be watched here: