Young leopard cat dies after traffic accident in NW Taiwan

Miaoli has recorded 22 leopard cat deaths so far this year

Leopard cat (Miaoli County Dept. of Agriculture photo)

Leopard cat (Miaoli County Dept. of Agriculture photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A young leopard cat has died at the veterinarian’s following a traffic accident, the 22nd leopard cat death in Miaoli County this year, reports said Thursday (Nov. 15).

A member of the public phoned the county’s Department of Agriculture on the afternoon of Nov. 2 to report an injured leopard cat under a bridge, CNA reported.

A team found that the animal, a young male weighing 2 kilograms, had been injured, possibly by a vehicle. They took it to a specialized rescue center in Nantou County, but it succumbed to its grave injuries.

The case was the third confirmed leopard cat death of the year for Miaoli’s No.130 road near Yuanli, and the 22nd in the county overall, more than double the previous yearly average.

The authorities have called on motorists to reduce their speed in mountainous areas and other places where the felines live, and they also want to help the animals cross roads safely by providing tunnels under busy roads, CNA reported.