Nordic countries seek cooperation with Taiwan in sustainable energy

Nordic countries seek cooperation with Taiwan in sustainable energy

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Northern European countries are seeking to explore more opportunities for cooperation with Taiwan in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability, representatives of three Nordic countries to Taiwan said Thursday during a forum.

In the 2019 Nordic Sustainable Energy and Environment Forum held at the Taipei International Convention Center, Bo Mønsted, director of the Trade Council of Denmark, noted that Taiwan is making important investments in renewable energy.

"There could still be opportunities within areas such as energy efficiency, and that's why I think also there are some interesting technologies in the seminar here for Taiwan," Mønsted told CNA during an interview on the sidelines of the event.

The one-day forum, organized by the representative offices of Sweden, Denmark and Finland, was aimed at sharing their respective countries' sustainable solutions with Taiwan to create more cooperation in the pursuit of carbon reduction and energy saving.

"Every time I go somewhere, I hear people refer to Sustainable Development Goals and I see a lot of interest among stakeholders in Taiwan about sustainability. So that's a very positive side of things," Mønsted said.

"We have worked on sustainability for many years in the Nordic countries, so maybe we are a little bit ahead. But I think Taiwan is definitely catching up very fast," Mønsted said, citing the country's investments in offshore wind generation and solar energy.

Jari Tapani Seilonen, Finland's representative to Taiwan, and Hakan Jevrell, Sweden's representative to Taiwan, touted companies in their respective countries that can provide energy efficient solutions to about 160 participants from Taiwan's energy sectors, research institutes and related industry players.

According to the organizers, there are almost 200 Nordic companies with a presence in Taiwan.

Several of these companies, such as Wärtsilä, BMH Technology and Valmet of Finland, Atlas Copco and Envac and ABB of Sweden, as well as Grundfos of Denmark, shared their experiences in energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management and circular economy.

According to the 2018 Country Sustainability Ranking of Robeco, an international asset management company, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are among the top four countries with robust sustainability in their environmental social and governance profiles.

Meanwhile, as the world is pushing for sustainable development, the government in Taiwan has also created a national council for sustainable development network and passed the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act in 2015, to spur industrial transformation.

Although not a member of the United Nations, Taiwan pursues the Sustainable Development Goals set by the international body, Taiwan's Deputy Economics Minister Tseng Wen-sheng (曾文生) said at the forum, citing Taiwan's efforts to achieve harmony in energy production and environmental protection through innovative technology.

Updated : 2021-01-27 11:46 GMT+08:00