Photo of the Day: Uber Eats driver seen on Harley in Taipei

Uber Eats delivery driver spotted on Harley-Davidson hog in Taipei

Uber Eats driver rides Harley-Davidson (Gizmo Guy photo)

Uber Eats driver rides Harley-Davidson (Gizmo Guy photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As the food delivery craze grips Taiwan, an Uber Eats driver has been spotted taking food ferrying to a whole new level as he barreled through the mean streets of Taipei on a Harley-Davidson hog.

A 50-year-old Taiwanese-American, who goes by the handle Gizmo Guy, took a photo of this rebellious Uber Eats driver roaring through Taipei's Ximen area on a Harley-Davidson Sportster, on Oct. 9. On Monday (Nov. 11), he posted the photo on the social media site Reddit, where it has garnered 294 upvotes and 20 comments.

Netizens were impressed with the renegade deliveryman:

"The delivery rider misheard "hurry up" as "Harley up!"

"Maybe he works 12 hours a day and makes 100k or even 180k!"

"Is this Death Stranding?" A reference to the action video game starring Norman Reedus, from "Walking Dead" fame.

The occurrence is reminiscent of the uproar over a Foodpanda deliveryman seen zipping around on a BMW K1200R motorcycle in September.

Uber Eats driver rides Harley-Davidson motorcycle. (Gizmo Guy photo)