Exhibition of Golden Pin Design Award highlights Taiwanese designs and evironmental issues

Exhibition showcases more than 100 designs and concepts from Taiwan and around the world

(Taiwan Design Center photo)

(Taiwan Design Center photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — More than 100 designs and concepts from Taiwan and around the world are being showcased at the Golden Pin Design Award 2019 Winners’ Exhibition in Taipei from Wednesday (Nov. 13) to April 2020.

The government has put much emphasis on promoting design, touting innovation as key to national development, remarked Yang Chih-ching (楊志清), deputy director-general of the Industrial Development Bureau, at the opening ceremony. The main aim is to make Taiwanese designs shine bright on the international stage.

Chang Chi-yi (張基義), chairman of the Taiwan Design Center, said the island has made tremendous progress in innovation in recent years, as the boundless “design energy” possessed by the next generation continues to spring up across the island. He encouraged designers and others working in the field to put more effort into innovation so as to “make design change Taiwan.”

Established in 2009 by the Industrial Development Bureau, the Golden Pin Award has entered its 10th year. Chang said he hopes that the award will continue to grow in scale and insignificance to become one of the most prestigious design awards in the Chinese-speaking world.

A total of 139 exhibits from Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Germany, and South Korea are on display at the exhibition, including an electric scooter co-developed by Yamaha and Gogoro and “The Sound of Blooming” designed by Luxury Logico. Also among them are approximately 60 finalists from this year’s Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award, the winners of which will be announced on Dec. 5.

Curated by Jen Chuang (莊宜蓁), design director of motion graphics studio Bito, the exhibition has the theme “Gala @ 23:59” and explores the idea of a “banquet.” Visitors can move between tables where works are displayed as if they were exquisite dishes and enjoy a buffet of design inspiration along the way.

Bito founder Liu Keng-ming (劉耕名) added that in addition to presenting excellent designs, the gala is also focused on environmental problems in hopes that visitors will reflect upon the challenges facing the planet.

Updated : 2021-01-26 01:22 GMT+08:00