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2019 HITCON cyberattack and defense competition focuses on corporate security

Scenarios spanned DDoS, computer worms, ransomware, and other forms of attack

2019 HITCON DEFENSE contest in Taipei. (Taiwan News photo)

2019 HITCON DEFENSE contest in Taipei. (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The 2019 HITCON DEFENSE enterprise cyberattack and defense competition took place in Taipei on Wednesday (Nov. 13).

Organized by the Hacks in Taiwan Conference (HITCON), the event featured scenarios involving distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), computer worms, and ransomware attacks as well as social networking attacks and other cybersecurity threats to which companies are most vulnerable.

For the first time, the contest included simulated assaults on corporate financial and industrial control systems, reported Liberty Times. The challenges were added in light of incidents last year where Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company was targeted by such attacks and incurred considerable losses, said HITCON founder Tim Hsu (徐千洋).

In addition, the competition employed a high-speed 5G network router, which simulated a large internet service provider. Participants were allowed to use real IP addresses and connect with a routing information base comprising more than 800,000 routes, the report said.

The six participating teams hailed from the finance, telecommunications, and high-tech industries as well as government institutions. The competition's tasks also involved countering cyberattack matrices that comply with international standards.