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Han's wife claims Taiwan's grade schools teach about anal sex, orgasms

Han's wife claims she was shown videos of Taiwanese elementary students being taught about anal sex, orgasms

Lee Chia-fen.

Lee Chia-fen. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu’s (韓國瑜) wife on Monday (Nov. 11) claimed she had evidence that elementary school students are being taught about "anal sex" and "orgasms," but government officials and teachers have vehemently denied her accusations.

While at the official founding ceremony for the Pingtung County Women's Support Association (屏東縣婦女後援會) on Monday, Han’s wife, Lee Chia-fen ( 李佳芬), claimed that she had received videos from mothers that showed third grade students being taught about "anal sex" and sixth grade students being instructed about "orgasms," reported Liberty Times. She said that many mothers were shocked and worried about the content of such classes.

Lee criticized campuses for teaching content "that's not even available on the internet." She claimed that many mothers had sent videos to her purportedly showing such subjects being taught to elementary school students.

Lee said such "avant-garde and advanced knowledge" should not be taught in primary school. She blamed the government for failing to take responsibility in providing proper education to children.

At a press conference on Monday evening, Minister of Education Pan Wen-chung (潘文忠) said that "none of this content" exists in primary or secondary school textbooks, reported Up Media. Pan then criticized Lee for being a public figure who "does not verify and cites unknown sources of information," which is a "malicious insult to educators."

In response to her accusations, Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) stressed that "As long as we open the textbooks, we know that this is a malicious smear. There is no such thing," reported Up Media. Su added that Lee is the spouse of a presidential candidate and the head of an educational institution, "yet she irresponsibly spreads rumors again and again, which is very inappropriate."

On its Facebook page, Taiwan's Ministry of Education also issued a rebuttal to Lee's claims by saying that they are "malicious fake reports about sex education" that are "deliberately causing social panic and twisted education." The post also emphasized that the textbooks are edited according to regulations and have been "reviewed by countless experts and scholars at the highest levels."

The MOE went on to say that educational materials are designed "to provide the appropriate content for a child's age and that gender equality education aims to teach children to respect differences, prevent discrimination and bullying, and provide sex education to enable children to protect themselves." It closed by saying that "gender equality education should not be reduced to a political ploy" and asked politicians to halt smear campaigns and the public to stop spreading false rumors and bogus videos.

Users of the popular online message board PTT found that the video purportedly showing a third-grade Kaohsiung teacher telling students about anal sex, was, in fact, a brief talk about the function of condoms in general terms, given after having received permission from parents. The teacher, identified as Liu Yu-hao (劉育豪) took to Facebook on Nov. 5 to explain that he has never taught students about anal sex, but he did emphasize the importance of safe sex, regardless of sexual orientation.

Han's wife claims Taiwan's grade schools teach about anal sex, orgasms
Liu teaching about same-sex marriage. (Screenshot from PTT)