Chinese students in Hong Kong flee fearing attacks

After the death of HKUST student Alex Chow Tsz-Lok, Chinese students are worried about their safety and leaving


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – There are media reports of more than a dozen Chinese students fleeing or planning to leave Hong Kong over fears they will be attacked, amid growing anti-China sentiment.

It is five months since over 1 million Hong Kong people took to the streets demanding a proposed extradition bill was scrapped. Since then there have been ugly confrontations between police and activists. Also, Hong Kong police stand accused of using excessive force and sexually assaulting young female protesters.

On Nov. 5, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) student Alex Chow Tsz-Lok (周梓樂) died after falling from a car park when a police dispersal operation took place nearby. The school president Wei Shyy (史維) then issued a letter questioning a delay to the rescue operation caused by police cars and demanded a thorough and independent investigation.

Days after the death of Chow, media reported a Chinese student studying at HKUST was attacked by students dressed in black on campus after an event to commemorate Chow. At the same time, a Chinese HKUST professor claimed his office has been smashed by protesters.

Fearing they could be next in line to be attacked, more than a dozen Chinese students at HKUST are reportedly leaving or are planning to leave for study in other countries, or return to China's mainland. A student, who is believed to have left for Shenzhen last week, told the media that he doesn't want to be the next forced to apologize and be harassed by local students.