Hong Kong protester shot by police

At least one protester was shot as mass strikes continued on Monday morning in semi-autonomous city

Hong Kong protesters set up blockades.

Hong Kong protesters set up blockades. (AP photo)

[Last update: Nov. 11 16:40]

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — At least one protester was shot with a live round by Hong Kong police as mass strikes continued on Monday (Nov. 11) morning in the semi-autonomous city.

Protesters began blocking roads in several areas, as part of the pro-democracy demonstrations that have dragged on in the Beijing-controlled city for more than five months. Video footage shows the intersection of Shau Kei Wan Road and Tai On Street, where two traffic police officers tried to disperse a group of around 10 protesters building blockades.

At around 7:18 a.m, one officer drew out his service pistol and aimed it at nearby protesters, while hooking one man in a white jacket under his right arm. An unarmed black-clad protester approached the officer and waved his hand when the officer pointed the pistol at him.

The officer then fired a shot at close range and hit the protester in the stomach. After which the protester fell to the ground.

The crowd, including some journalists, quickly drew back, but a second protester approached the officer from another side. The officer fired two more rounds and the protester fell, though it is not clear whether he was hit.

Later another police officer joined the fray and they held the two protesters on the ground. One tried to break free but the shot protester stayed motionless. Citizens began shouting angrily and throwing objects at the two policemen, while one old man stood next to a truck and clapped for some reason.

The months-long civil unrest stems from a proposed but withdrawn extradition bill. Hong Kong is experiencing its worst recession in years, as the authorities continue to refuse protesters’ demands.

These include establishing an independent inquiry into police brutality and starting political reforms that would guarantee Hong Kong’s people a more democratic election process.

A ceremony mourning Chow Tsz-lok, a university student who fell to his death, was held on Sunday (Nov 10). It was ended with riot police arresting a number of protesters.

Hong Kong students and citizens took strike action again across the city on Monday and were met by riot police firing tear gas. Also a police officer on a motorcycle was filmed trying to plow through protesters on the street.