Nat'l Taiwan University students all receive performance grades of 87%

NTU says error happened during information security testing

NTU class management system experiences miscue. (Facebook photo)

NTU class management system experiences miscue. (Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Students and faculty from National Taiwan University (NTU) noticed on Tuesday (Nov. 5) that the performance grades for all students past and present have been changed to 87 percent on the school website, raising concerns about a possible Internet security breach.

With midterms taking place this week, students were eager to find out their test results as well as in-class performance grades. On Tuesday, the NTU class management system "Collaborative Enhanced Instruction By Asynchronous learning" (CEIBA) was allegedly hacked, with even previous graduates of NTU seeing changes to their college grades.

The director of NTU's Office of Academic Affairs, Ding Shih-Torng (丁詩同), said Friday (Nov. 8) that the error was caused by students majoring in Computer Science and Information Engineering during information security testing. Ding said the incident was unrelated to the email hacking case at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) and that it was not a result of a cyber attack, reported CNA.

As of Friday afternoon, some of the grades have been changed back by NTU staff, but it will take more time to recover the grades of the entire student body. According to Liberty Times, students joked about the mistake on the Internet, leaving humorous comments such as "My Professors finally decided to show mercy after all these years" and "I just realized I really did receive 87 percent."

Grades of NTU students all changed to 87 percent. (Ptt screenshot)