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Taiwan Youtubers form new political party

Founder of new party vows to change Taiwan politics, bring joy to the land

Taiwanese online personalities form Unstoppable Joy Party.(Facebook photo)

Taiwanese online personalities form Unstoppable Joy Party.(Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Independent Taiwan legislator and former Youtube personality Chiu Wei-chieh (邱威傑) announced Tuesday (Nov. 5) that he has filed a request to form the new "Can't Stop This Party" (歡樂無法黨), along with Youtuber Sha Sha 77 (志祺七七) and online news reporter Chen Tzu-Chien (陳子見).

Chiu announced on Facebook that he was happier before taking part in Taiwan politics, after which he experienced hatred, bad behavior and negative emotions. He also said many articles that he felt compelled to share were taken down for "political reasons."

Chiu said many people, including himself, have forgotten about kindness and innocence after being taught to put on a performance in exchange for votes and applause. In the program shared on Tuesday, the party's founders pledge to change Taiwan politics and "fill the small country with big laughter," reported Liberty Times.

Many Taiwanese expressed interest in joining the new party, and the 100 members required to form the party were instantly filled by volunteers. The official launch ceremony of the "Can't Stop This Party" is expected to take place on Nov. 14, once the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) grants approval, reported CNA.

Chiu previously worked at the online computer game company "Funtown" before launching his Youtube channel NSFW (上班不要看) in 2015, accumulating more than 630,000 subscribers. The 43-year-old won the Taipei Legislator Election in 2018, and became the first Taiwanese Youtuber to enter politics.

Taiwan Youtubers form new political party
Chiu Wei-chieh and Sha Sha 77 at a press conference on Nov. 6. (CNA photo)