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'We made the right choice sticking with Taiwan': Belize foreign minister

Belize foreign minister says Taiwan is 'better fit with Belize' than Communist China

Wilfred Elrington. ( photo)

Wilfred Elrington. ( photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — On Saturday (Nov. 2), Belizean Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington reaffirmed his nation's diplomatic ties with Taiwan over Communist China.

Breaking Belize News on Saturday cited Elrington as saying that despite efforts by China to court countries in the region, he feels that "We made the right choice sticking with Taiwan" because it is "a better fit with Belize." Elrington said that he favors Taiwan because its struggles with China over claims to its territory mirror Guatemala's claims to Belize's land.

Erlington pointed out that aid from Taiwan is not as "intrusive" with as many strings attached and "they don't flood the country with their own citizens," according to the report. Borrowing a mantra from China, he described Taiwan-Belize relations as "win-win" because Taiwan enables his country to develop while supporting it internationally.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Belize-Taiwan diplomatic relations. Concern has recently arisen that some leaders in Belize may try to get the country to switch its allegiance to China after members of the opposition People's United Party went on an unofficial trip to the communist country in August.