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Plans to build Taiwan's largest solar power plant underway

TSMC intends power operations with 100% green energy with help from Pingtung plant

Flickr photo.

Flickr photo.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — TSMC intends to build Taiwan’s largest solar power plant in Pingtung County, according to CNA.

C.C. Wei (魏哲家), CEO of TSMC, said on Sunday (Nov. 3) that the semiconductor manufacturer is cooperating with Pingtung County Government and seeking out a site along with partner companies with which to build the plant, which he says would help achieve TSMC's goal of using 100 percent green power, according to Liberty Times.

Wei stated that green power is very important for humankind and pledged that TSMC would work hard to rely on it as much as possible. However, he added that the outcome depends on Taiwan's economy and development.

Preliminary plans for the large-scale solar power plant have it slated for the site of Taiwan Sugar Corp. (Tai Sugar). The power plant’s output capacity would be 1.23 million kilowatts, equivalent to that of the decommissioned nuclear plant.

Environmental groups believe that since Apple and Google's operations are now fully powered by green energy, this is also a requirement for their suppliers, such as TSMC. The company has previously purchased green energy certificates and is currently striving to achieve 20 percent green power, but it hopes to join Apple in attaining the 100-percent mark in order not to risk losing eco-friendly customers.