Chinese-American Navy officer indicted for trying to smuggle boats into China

Lieutenant Yang also provided Chinese businessman with illegal gun

Maritime Patrol Reconnaissance Weapons School. (screenshot from Facebook).

Maritime Patrol Reconnaissance Weapons School. (screenshot from Facebook).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A United States Navy officer of Chinese origin and his wife were among four suspects indicted for trying to smuggle military equipment from the U.S. to China, the Washington Times reported Friday (Nov. 1).

Lieutenant Fan Yang, 34, who was born in China, his wife Yang Yang, known as Yuki Yang, and two Chinese businessmen had allegedly planned to buy military-style inflatable boats from a Navy contractor in California and hand them over to China.

Mrs. Yang declared that the vessels were headed for Hong Kong, while in fact, their destination was Shanghai Breeze Technology Co., according to the report.

The two businessmen, Ge Songtao and Zheng Yan, worked for the company and used fake shipping data and wire transfers to hide their true intentions.

The conspiracy charges could lead to five-year prison sentences and the export charges to a sentence of 10 years. Lt. Yang had also allegedly bought a gun for Ge, which would be punishable with a separate prison sentence ranging from five to 10 years, according to the Washington Times.

Yang reportedly had top security clearance and was stationed at the Maritime Patrol Reconnaissance Weapons School in Jacksonville, Florida. All four have been in federal custody for about two weeks and have been indicted in the case, the Washington Times reported.