Taiwan app developer releases 'Free Uyghur' edition

Chinese netizens attack text editing app Notepad++ with pro-China comments and spam messages

Notepad++ releases 'Free Uyghur' edition. (Facebook photo)

Notepad++ releases 'Free Uyghur' edition. (Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Text editing app Notepad++ released a new "Free Uyghur" edition on Tuesday (Oct. 29) to voice its support for the ethnic minority group, causing Chinese netizens to swamp the app's website with pro-China comments.

After main developer of Notepad++ Don Ho (侯今吾), a Taiwanese who graduated from Tamkang University, shared the inspiration behind the naming of the new edition, tens of thousands of infuriated Chinese users buried the official website of the app with spam messages and insults towards Ho. The website even crashed for a few hours.

In his blog post, Ho wrote that his friends have asked him not to get involved with politics, but the truth is "politics finds us even when we do not look for them." He expressed his desire to expand awareness of China's oppression against the Uyghurs, including Beijing's campaign of putting members of the Muslim population into re-education camps, reported Liberty Times.

In fact, this was not the first time Ho has made a political statement against China through his popular text and source code editor app. Notepad++ posted an advertisement asking participants not to join the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and the app also launched a "Tiananmen June Fourth Incident" edition in 2014, reported Tech News.

Re-educational camps for Uyghurs. (Facebook photo)

Notepad++ often shows its political stance through the app. (Notepad++ photo)