Cute DIY costumes spotted at Tianmu Halloween Festival in Taipei

Photos of original costumes from Taipei's 2019 Tianmu Halloween Festival

(Photo by Angeline Chen)

(Photo by Angeline Chen)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The 2019 Tianmu Halloween Festival on Oct. 26 saw a plethora of kids wearing cute, creative costumes with a wide variety of themes, such as horror film villains, cartoon characters, iconic celebrities, food delivery drivers, zombies, and mummies.

The 11th edition of the annual festival attracted nearly 200,000 participants in the Tianmu neighborhood, according to the Taipei City Government. Legions of trick-or-treaters descended on 250 stores and businesses that had set up pumpkin lanterns outside their storefronts to identify themselves as trick-or-treat destinations.

Once the site of U.S. military personnel housing from the 1950s to 1970s, the area has continued to draw foreign residents since the establishment of the Taipei American School, Taipei Japanese School, and Taipei European School. The confluence of foreign schools and American influence has lent itself to the ever-burgeoning Halloween festival, jointly held by the Taipei City Office of Commerce and Tianmu Marketplace Development Association since 2008.

Photographers Wei Hsu and Angeline Chen documented this year's Halloween festival, capturing a number of photos of kids in costume. In addition to the standard Marvel heroes and Disney princesses, Chen documented many highly imaginative DIY costumes on display that day.

Ursula (left) and Ariel (right) from Disney film "The Little Mermaid." (Wei Hsu photo)

Costumes inspired by Disney film "Coco." (Wei Hsu photo)

French fry (left), fireman with truck (right). (Wei Hsu photo)

Medama-Oyaji (Eyeball Father) from Japanese anime film "GeGeGe no Kitarō" (Wei Hsu photo)

Twin brother and sister Qing Dynasty zombies wearing costumes made from black garbage bags. (Wei Hsu photo)

Girl dressed as paper doll. (Wei Hsu photo)

Mummies wrapped in gauze. (Wei Hsu photo)

Chucky (left) and his bride (right). (Wei Hsu photo)

"Candy Panda" kids (left), Uber Eats kid (right). (Wei Hsu photo)

Mother and daughter dressed as Landlady of Pig Sty Alley from film "Kung Fu Hustle." (Wei Hsu photo)

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. (Angeline Chen photo)