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Taiwan gives citizenship to financial expert known as ‘Mr. Taiwan’

111 foreigners have been approved for double nationality since program started

Peter Kurz.

Peter Kurz. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Peter Kurz (谷月涵), an investment expert known for decades as ‘Mr. Taiwan,’ is one of 11 foreigners approved for Taiwanese citizenship, CNA reported Wednesday (October 30).

The Ministry of the Interior reached its decision on naturalizations during a review meeting earlier in the day.

Since changes made to the Nationality Act in December 2016, foreign citizens who have made special contributions to Taiwan can obtain a Taiwanese passport without having to forego their original citizenship. A total of 111 people have been approved for the program so far, according to CNA.

Kurz arrived from New York in 1988 and soon gained a reputation as an expert in the financial markets, winning polls in “Institutional Investors” magazine, which helped him receive the accolade ‘Mr. Taiwan.’ He retired from Citibank last year, CNA reported.

The 10 other cases approved Wednesday included a Malaysian woman physician and two others from the medical field, a French movie director, and foreigners involved in education, culture, science, and the economic sector.