Instagrammers go cuckoo over Taiwan's Kochia field

Stampede to take selfies in Taiwan's Kochia field forces owner to build fence

(Photo by Instagrammer @sunlightbai)

(Photo by Instagrammer @sunlightbai)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A field of fuzzy Kochia plants (Bassia scoparia, 波波草) in western Taiwan has become so popular with Instagrammers that its owner has had to construct a fence to reduce damage.

A field planted with endless rows of neatly pruned Kochia plants in Changhua County's Tianwei Township has become a hit with Instagrammers as the ultimate selfie spot. The field of the green, puffy, ball-like bushes has become popular for tourists as it is reminiscent of similar Kochia fields in South Korea and Japan.

Unfortunately, the crowds flocking to see the diminutive topiaries have become so large that they have inflicted damage on the plants and surrounding area and left piles of trash in their wake. On Monday (Oct. 28), Facebook user Wu Wei-hsiung (吳偉熊) cited the owner as saying that the field contains 4,000 plants, which he painstakingly spent four years cultivating.

(Photo by Instagram user @lilianwang_tw)

In a little over a month since the craze started, the farmer says the field has suffered tens of thousands of Taiwan dollars in losses. He said that the damaged plants will take at least half a year to grow back again.

Wu said that the owner's attempts to politely persuade visitors to tread carefully went unheeded and that he worries tourists and children could fall and suffer injuries during the mad dash to take photos. Therefore, he decided he had no alternative but to install a chain-link fence around the property.

Wu lamented that once the fence is completed, visitors "can only view the field from afar."

(Photo by Instagram user @chien_lan)

(Photo by Instagram user @wenwen88520)

Wu's Facebook post uploaded on Monday:

Address: The intersection of Zhongzheng Road, Section 2 and Tianren Road, Tianwei Township, Changhua County (彰化縣田尾中正路二段接田仁路)

Phone: 04-8223845/0935847121