Taiwan's foreign minister visits Paraguay with agricultural delegation

Joseph Wu will meet with Paraguayan leadership on his three-day trip

Paraguayan Pres. Benítez, Foreign Minister Wu (MOFA Twitter screen capture)

Paraguayan Pres. Benítez, Foreign Minister Wu (MOFA Twitter screen capture)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) is leading an agricultural delegation to Taiwan’s South American ally Paraguay from Oct. 29 to 31.

Wu said via Twitter on Tuesday that he was “looking forward to a productive trip and catching up with Taiwan’s very good friend [President] Marito Abdo [Benítez].”

▶︎ (Screen capture of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Twitter account)

In addition to meeting with President Abdo, Wu will host a political negotiation with the Paraguayan foreign minister, Antonio Rivas, in the following days, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) via a press statement. The ministry did not, however, disclose further details regarding the meeting.

Wu will also meet with the president of the Senate, Blas Llano Ramos, to exchange ideas on how to reinforce the countries’ bilateral relationship, MOFA added. In addition, the Taiwanese delegation will discuss trade issues and possible areas of collaboration with the Rural Association of Paraguay.

Over the past 62 years, Taiwan and Paraguay have enjoyed close bilateral relations in several areas, including infrastructure, public health, education, agricultural technology, and business incubation, said MOFA. The ministry also observed that the two countries share such fundamental values as democracy, freedom, and human rights.