Three bike tours available in E Taiwan's Taitung

Included in bike tours organized by county government and travel agency are visits to tourist attractions and dining at local restaurants.

(Taitung County Government photo)

(Taitung County Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taitung County Government works with a travel agency to organize annual bike tours and while most of this year’s tours are now full, there are three multiple-day tours available, according to the event website.

The three-day and two-day “Baosang Guanshan” (寶桑縱谷) bike tours, and the three-day Dawu Jinfeng (大武金峰) bike tour are still available for registration.

The two-day Baosang Guanshan bike tour follows the popular bike path around Guanshan Township (關山鎮) on the first day and follows Chihshang Township's (池上鄉) Brown Avenue on the second day. The three-day tour includes all the riding activities of the two-day tour, plus riding on the 21-kilometer Taitung City Loop Bike Lane (台東山海自行車道) on the final day.

The three-day Dawu Jinfeng bike tour takes riders to the southern part of the county, traversed by the new road constructed under the South-Link Highway Improvement Project. The road is scheduled to open Dec. 20.

The tour will take participants on the “skywalk” bikeway in Jinfeng Township (金峰鄉) on the first day, before going around Jinlong Lake (金龍湖) in Dawu Township (大武鎮) on the second day. On the final day it will go around the Taitung City Loop Bike Lane.

Included in all the bike tours are visits to tourist attractions along the biking routes and dining at local restaurants. For registration, refer to this site.

Also, the county government is promoting tours of Taitung with electric scooters. It recommends five routes for the low-carbon tours. For more information, visit this site.

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