Taiwan's Digital Twin technology selected for R&D 100 Award

'Digital Twin Solutions for Smart Farming' has been shortlisted for prestigious award out of a thousand competitors

Taiwan's smart agriculture selected for R&D 100 Award (Pixabay photo)

Taiwan's smart agriculture selected for R&D 100 Award (Pixabay photo)

Digital Twin Solutions for Smart Farming, a high-tech innovation designed by Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry (III), has been shortlisted for the prestigious R&D 100 Award.

Taiwan's agricultural innovation competed against more than a thousand software and technology designs from around the world, before being chosen for one of the best-known science and technology awards. The R&D 100 Award ceremony is set to be held on Dec. 5 in San Francisco, U.S., reported UDN.

According to Tech News, Digital Twin Solutions for Smart Farming can reduce import costs for farmers by 50 percent and increase production efficiency by 30 percent. Usually, "digital twin" technology is used in aerospace and manufacturing industries, but not in agriculture. A digital twin describes a computerized version of a physical asset or process.

Su Wei-jen (蘇偉仁), Associate Director of the III's Digital Service Innovation Institute, said the innovation combines artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI), enabling farmers to make smart decisions about "productivity" and "sustainability." Although the use of advanced technologies can solve certain problems, many tasks such as planting and breeding still require a farmer's practical experience, Su added.