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Swedish YouTuber shoots video of Taiwan Pride Parade

Swedish YouTuber Lukas Engström films festivities during Taiwan Pride Parade

Screenshot from YouTube video.

Screenshot from YouTube video.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Swedish YouTuber has uploaded a video of Saturday's (Oct. 26) massive Taiwan Pride Parade, which saw hundreds of thousands of participants.

On Saturday, Swedish YouTuber Lukas Engström, 29, along with French vlogger Francois Devatine, 32, filmed the 17th annual Taiwan Pride Parade and posted a video of the event later that day on YouTube. Engström followed the parade from Taipei City Hall Square to Ketagalan Boulevard as it wound its way along Zhongxiao East Road, ultimately reaching the Presidential Office at 7 p.m.

Since it first took place in 2003, Taiwan's Pride Parade has become the largest in Asia, every year seeing visitors from around the world joining in the festivities and experiencing the island’s vibrant civil society. This year's Taiwan Pride Parade was centered around the theme “Together, Make Taiwan Better,” calling for compassion and care among the LGBTQ+ community and the general public at large.

The video includes a red carpet fashion show, couples in costumes, a stage performance, flags from around the world, and drum performances. Engström stops momentarily in front of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall to show the massive crowd gathered there.

The camera cuts to Taiwanese gay rights activist Chi Chia-wei (祁家威) waving a flag before showing a 360-degree view of the scene on Zhongxiao East Road. Engström points out that as this was the first parade since same-sex marriage was legalized in Taiwan, the number of participants was expected to increase from 130,000 last year to some 200,000 this year.

The video ends with the two reaching the Presidential Office, with Devatine concluding that everyone was very cheerful, happy, and "feeling very free!" Devatine said that the parade showed people's pride in "who they are" and "how they are" without caring about the opinions of others.