Regulations for Taiwan guava exports to US finalized

Detailed regulations for export of guavas to US unveiled before shipments begin

Photo: CNA

Photo: CNA

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After approving the import of Taiwan’s guavas to the U.S., the two governments have finalized the details for shipments to begin.

Last Thursday (Oct. 17), the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it was authorizing the import of guavas grown in Taiwan. On Friday (Oct. 25), procedures were laid out for Taiwanese farmers to follow in order to be able to export the green-skinned fruit.

According to the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, these measures include registering their products on an approved list of orchards, using double-layered packaging, and maintaining a 17-day chilling treatment at 1 °C or less after quarantine to ensure the elimination of fruit flies.

The Bureau stated that in the 26th session of the Taimei Agricultural Products Inspection and Quarantine Technical Working Group meeting, the two parties confirmed the details for orchard management, collection and packaging conditions, pest and disease control, along with export container standards.

The Bureau issued a press release this morning, stating that in accordance with the work plan, guava orchards must be registered under an approved list by the Agriculture and Fisheries Commission of the Council of Agriculture.

Orchard management should comply with U.S. regulations. Three weeks after flowering, when the fruit diameter is just under 4 cm, they should be double-packaged in a foam protective fruit net and a polyethylene bag.

Taiwan and the United States jointly sign the work plan for the export of Taiwanese guavas to the U.S. (Photo: CNA)

Any fallen fruit should be cleared from the orchard immediately. Additionally, orchards should be inspected regularly by the Bureau 30 days before harvest. Pesticide residue should meet U.S. standards, and every guava should be traceable to its orchard of origin.

Furthermore, guavas should be shipped in U.S.-approved containers. Since U.S. import regulations are stringent on flies and pests, guavas will need to undergo extensive quarantine, refrigeration, and treatment.

Taiwan will be the first Asian country to export guavas to the U.S. It is anticipated that Taiwan’s guavas will have substantial market potential in the U.S., given the product's high quality and affordability. Currently, Canada is the main customer for Taiwan’s guava exports, buying 50 about percent of Taiwan's total exports.