Woman shouts 'bomb' on Hong Kong Airlines plane in Taipei

Hong Kong woman shouts 'bomb' leading to 4-hour delay in Taipei

Female passenger (third from right). (Photo from traveler surnamed Lin)

Female passenger (third from right). (Photo from traveler surnamed Lin)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A flight from Taipei to Hong Kong was delayed by four hours on Thursday (Oct. 24) after a Hong Kong woman shouted that there was a bomb on the aircraft.

As passengers and crew were preparing for 12:25 flight on a Hong Kong Airlines jet at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, a female passenger onboard suddenly shouted in Cantonese, "There is a bomb on the plane!" (飛機有炸彈) and "The plane is not safe," (飛機不安全) reported UDN. The woman frightened passengers and caused a major delay.

The captain and flight attendants dared not ignore the woman's cries. The flight crew immediately informed the tower, turned the plane back from the takeoff runway, and returned to the tarmac.

Hong Kong Airlines jet stranded on tarmac. (CNA photo)

All passengers were then asked to deplane. After aviation police and ground crews initiated a security check procedure and confirmed that the jet was free of explosives, flight HX-253 finally took off four hours after its original departure time, reported Liberty Times.

According to a preliminary investigation by aviation police, the woman was suspected of being in an unstable mental state when she shouted out the warning, reported CNA. After being questioned by police, she was then transferred to the prosecutor's office on charges of violating the relevant provisions of the Civil Aviation Act (民用航空法).