Unaccounted for Indonesian worker caught livestreaming KTV in Kaohsiung

Indonesian migrant worker's live-stream feed leads cops to her location in Kaohsiung

Suspect (center). (Southern Administration Corps photo)

Suspect (center). (Southern Administration Corps photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An unaccounted for Indonesian migrant worker was recently arrested after police pinpointed her location in Kaohsiung while she broadcast herself singing KTV songs via livestream.

A 25-year-old female Indonesian migrant worker identified as Ah Chuan (阿娟), has gained a fan base of about 1,000 followers for her good looks, live broadcasts of meals at hot pot restaurants, and songs at KTV clubs in Taiwan. However, her Facebook videos also attracted the attention of National Immigration Agency (NIA) officers, as she is suspected to have fled from her employer two years ago.

The NIA's Southern Administration Corps said that during her most recent livestream on Facebook, agents were able to narrow her location down to the vicinity of Kaohsiung Main Station. After sending a task force to search nearby establishments, officers were able to hear a song being sung that was very similar to what was being broadcast on her Facebook feed.

Ah Chuan. (Southern Administration Corps photo)

When officers arrived on the scene, they spotted a Southeast Asian woman clad in skimpy jean shorts and a black tank top holding a microphone and belting out tunes for her fans. When they compared her face to that of Ah Chuan's Facebook profile, they found that they were a match.

Ah Chuan was so engrossed in her singing that she did not notice the officers enter the room. It was not until she had finished her song that she noticed several agents standing behind her.

When the immigration officers asked her if she had absconded from her employer, a stunned Ah Chuan confessed: "Yes. How did you find me?" After looking through her records, the officers found that Ah Chuan had disappeared more than two years ago.

Ah Chuan (left). (Southern Administration Corps photo)

Ah Chuan was then taken into custody for questioning. The agency says that she will be deported to Indonesia in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Immigration Act (入出國及移民法).