Will Smith spotted on top of Taipei 101

Will Smith, Ang Lee visit observation deck on top floor of Taipei 101

Will Smith. (UIP photo)

Will Smith. (UIP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — On the last day of his trip to Taiwan to promote his new film, U.S. actor Will Smith toured the top terrace of Taipei 101 to take some daredevil photos.

Smith arrived in Taipei on Oct. 18 to promote "Gemini Man" and wrapped up his trip on Tuesday (Oct. 22) by taking a tour of Taipei 101's top observation deck, known as "101 Skyline 460." Smith was joined that day by the film's Taiwanese director Ang Lee (李安) and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Keeping in mind that Oct. 23 was Lee's birthday, Smith gave Lee a T-shirt emblazoned with the title of his 90's TV comedy "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." The T-shirt was something of a gag gift in response to Lee's comment "Don't ever do this in my movie," which he made while showing Smith a clip of the sitcom during their first meeting prior to shooting "Gemini Man."

Smith (left), Lee (right). (UIP photo)

In the photos, Lee can be seen sporting the T-shirt Smith had gifted him. Action film producer Bruckheimer can be seen joining Lee and Smith on the adventure.

That same day, Lee and Bruckheimer presented a seminar on film production at the Taipei Film Commission. Just 10 minutes into the talk, Smith suddenly made an unannounced appearance, prompting the audience to cheer with glee, reported Mirror Media.

Lee’s 14th feature film, “Gemini Man,” is a sci-fi thriller about a retired assassin being targeted by his younger clone.

Bruckheimer (left), Smith (center), Lee (right). (UIP photo)

Smith hamming it up for the camera. (UIP photo)

Bruckheimer (left), Smith (center), Lee (right). (Taipei Film Commission photo)