Mini-flood at Taiwan Taoyuan Airport's Food Street

Netizens capture photos of momentary inundation caused by minor equipment failure at Terminal 2

Photos courtesy of PTT

Photos courtesy of PTT

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The floor of the B2 Food Street in Taoyuan International Airport’s Terminal 2 was momentarily inundated with water at around 6:00 a.m. on Saturday (Oct. 19).

The mini-flood was caused by equipment failure around the Food Street on level B2, which was immediately repaired by operators. The water was cleared away within twenty minutes.

From the photos posted on the online PTT forum, it can be seen that large areas of water spread to the front of the escalator and a store. Passers-by had to step through the water, creating ripples.

The mini-flood was cleared away within twenty minutes (Taoyuan International Airport photo)

After a short investigation, it was found that the equipment delivering the Food Street business' water supply was faulty, causing water to accumulate. Staff were able to clear the water away, as well as fix the faulty equipment, in less than half an hour. Due to the small amount of customers present in the morning, few people were affected.

However, netizens left bewildered comments on the photos, remarking that it was not raining in Taoyuan at the time, wondering if the airport’s main water pipes were faulty, and even joking that the typhoon is still too far away to cause such a mini-flood.

Taoyuan Airport personnel have reassured customers and passengers that it does not signal a wider problem with pipes or water systems in the airport. Nonetheless, they have asked vendors at Food Street to keep an eye on the condition of their equipment and to report any problems to airport personnel.

Airport operations have resumed as normal.
Airport personnel are called to the scene to clear away water (Taoyuan International Airport photo)