NTNU to introduce Taiwan’s first coed dorms

Starting in 2020, National Taiwan Normal University will allow male and female students to board on the same floor in some of the dorms

NTNU student dorm

NTNU student dorm (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) announced Thursday (Oct. 17) that it will introduce coed student dormitories on its Gongguan campus from next year – making it the first university in Taiwan to do so, according to UDN.

In the coed dorms, only people of the same gender will be assigned the same room. As for elevator use, both sexes are allowed to use the boys’ elevators, but the girl’s elevators stopping on female-only floors will be for female students only.

NTNU stated in a press release that many well-known foreign universities have had coed dorms for a long time. However, most universities in Taiwan only have single-sex dorms.

After student proposals for a more gender-friendly dormitory were received, some universities in Taiwan are allowing both genders to board in the same building but on different floors.