Taiwan hosts Asia-Pacific Conference with youth employment as focus

Taiwan officials, scholars share ideas on improving employment policies for young people

2019 Asia-Pacific Conference on Policies for Employment (Taichung City Government)

2019 Asia-Pacific Conference on Policies for Employment (Taichung City Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taichung City Government on Thursday (Oct. 17) held the "2019 Asia-Pacific Conference on Policies for Employment", which was focused around creating better work opportunities for young people throughout Asia.

Local and international business leaders and scholars were invited to attend the conference, including the president of the SME Association of Malaysia, Michael Kang (江華強), and the CEO of Japan-based Startup GoGo, Toshihiro Kishihara. The conference is aimed at brainstorming ideas on how to assist Asian youth in employment as well as entrepreneurship, according to Yam News.

Taichung's Deputy Mayor Bruce Linghu (令狐榮達) said the government cares about Taiwanese youth and their welfare. To this end, the Labor Affairs Bureau has created a new department specializing in youth employment, reported Liberty Times.

Wu Wei-chi (吳威志), director of the Labor Affairs Bureau, said it is an honor to have international professionals attend the conference and share their experiences. Understanding the work environment and labor policies in place for youth in Malaysia and Japan will help Taiwan come up with adequate solutions, he said.

Opening speech by Bruce Linghu (Taichung City Government)