Chinese apologize to Hong Kong students for Lennon Wall brawl in Taiwan

Following a mediation session at Shilin District Prosecutors Office, Chinese students agree to post a Facebook statement that includes an apology

A damaged Lennon Wall in Taipei (image from PTT board).

A damaged Lennon Wall in Taipei (image from PTT board).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Chinese students who attacked Hong Kong students over a “Lennon Wall” at Taipei’s Chinese Culture University (CCU) have apologized, reports said Wednesday (Oct. 16).

The Sept. 24 clash was one of several incidents involving Chinese citizens damaging Lennon Walls or picking quarrels with supporters of the protest movement in Hong Kong.

In this case, Chinese tried to prevent Hong Kong students from posting notes, leading to a brawl that required police involvement. Injured Hong Kong students said they would file legal action against the attackers.

Following a mediation session at the Shilin District Prosecutors Office on Oct. 14, the two sides reached an agreement, and the Chinese students agreed to post a statement that included an apology on Facebook for two weeks, CNA reported.

The statement also said that being in Taiwan, they should respect local laws and freedom of speech, and should not use violence because of differing opinions.

The CCU students association emphasized that in Taiwan, everyone enjoyed freedom of opinion and freedom of speech, but violence was to be condemned. The group also expressed the hope that the campus could become an even more tolerant and diverse environment, according to CNA.